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22 June 2008 @ 07:54 pm
New & Improved  

You've probably noticed that I deleted Perfect Company and Distant Memories.
Well, I deleted them because:
a) Kat doesn't have time to write anymore.
b) I wasn't happy with the direction Distant Memories was going.
c) I'm starting a whole new batch of stories.

Oh, and we have a new writer:
She's one of my best friends from school.

Coming Soon:

Let The Flames Begin (written by Ana)
Do you ever feel like there’s something missing?
Like there’s something that you’ve been waiting for all your life
and you wonder if you’ll ever have it?

Far From Perfect (written by Ana and Cori)
It started out like any other summer ...
every single joy and fear,
that's how we found each other
and we found ourselves.

Everything's Legal in Mexico (written by Ana and Cori)
In life we need certain things
to survive, Water, Food, Air
and f r i e n d s . . .

xxvicouslykat on August 7th, 2008 12:40 am (UTC)
ha yeah, it sucked
i lost the spark to that because of the time i didn't have to write
happens a lot to me

cant wait for the new stories to begin